The Artist

Only one sticker ever adorned the bumper of any of the family cars when I was a kid. It read,“Art is basic.” My mom headed the art department of the local High School, My dad was a graphic artist and photographer. Along with my older sister, we pretty much lived that sticker, and the older I get, the more meaningful it is to me. My main interest was sculpture. I bought an oxyacetylene welding rig when I was fifteen. Most of my free time involved making metal or ceramic sculpture and playing drums. At college I majored in art, and after college I mainly made jewelry as I ventured around in my VW bug. A life changing encounter with God in 1970 made art take a back seat, and I spent the next three years drumming with some bands, playing what we called, Jesus music. While on the road I fell in love with a redhead named Terriann, and soon was domesticated. I then took up woodworking; building cabinets and furniture to feed a family that eventually included three sons and a daughter. Woodworking gave me many opportunities for creative expression, designing projects became a passion.

The Medium

Part of the design process, involves coming up with custom finishes. This led to developing Leatherstone™; a unique finishing concept that could give ordinary fiberboard the qualities of old leather, stone or even metal. Eventually I began incorporating actual metal in these finishes, to which we give the name, Ancient Metals™.

The Artworks

Creating works of art using Ancient Metals™ has become a great way to explore new possibilities for this medium. These artworks are available, ready to hang. The price is posted on the series page and we are offering a 40% discount,(plus the cost of shipping), to galleries and designers. We also intend for these works to inspire designers to envision new possibilities for Ancient Metals™. Woodgrain Woodworks has a great record of working with designers, and we welcome new challenges.

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